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Lepanto is published on behalf of Lepanto League Australia Incorporated and
Concerned Catholics Mackay District Association Incorporated & Associated Members.

Editor: Tim Pemble-Smith

Lepanto League of Australia, Inc. Address: P.O. Box 627 Morayfield Qld. 4506

For all queries regarding printed information in this publication, please email trps@ozemail.com.au

At a time when new questions are being put and when grave errors aiming at undermining religion, the moral order and human society itself, are rampant, the Council earnestly exhorts the laity to take a more active part, each according to his talents and knowledge and in fidelity to the mind of the Church, in the explanation and defence of Christian principles and in the correct application of them to the problems of our times.

Decree of the Apostolic of Lay People, 18.11.'65

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