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Volume 15

No 1: April 2012

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No 2: October 2010
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No 2: August 2009
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No 3: September 2007
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No 2: April 2006
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No 7: December 2005
No 6: November 2005
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No 3: July 2005
No 2: April 2005
No 1: February 2005

  1. Uphold & promote the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  2. Be Loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to the teachings of the Holy Father.
  3. Oppose the teaching of the so-called Personal Development/Sex Education in the class room environment.
  4. Foster vocations to the Priesthood and to the religious life by personal and formal group devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and by the support of seminaries, whose formation and training is in accord with the guide-lines and directions of the Holy See.
  5. Foster devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and daily praying of the Holy Rosary.
  6. Provide active support for other groups and organisations who are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  7. Support parents as the prime educators of their children.
  8. Insist that Catholic schools teach the full content of the Catholic Faith without compromise.
  9. Foster love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to actively work for the fulfilment of the legitimate aspiration of having the traditional Latin Rite (Tridentine) Mass available regularly.
  10. Advance these objectives & to defend them with vigour from all attacks no matter from what source they may arise, & to provide mutual support & assistance amongst members.

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