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Vol 8.5 - September 2005
Synod Working Document
Working document provides clues to agenda

Editorial: Archbishop wrong?
Has Archbishop Bathersby got it wrong?

Letters to Editor
Feedback from our subscribers

Anti-Discrimination Matter
Tribunal requires a conciliation conference

Call to Holiness Conference
Fitting finale to Year of the Eucharist

Eucharistic Adoration
Lost, all lost in wonder

Priest, Where is Thy Mass?
Priest where is thy Mass? Mass where is thy Priest?

History of Qld 'New Church' - Part 4
The subtle hoodwinking of Queensland Catholics over the past 20 years

Schola Christi
Catechism on the Priesthood

Fr Elich cancels Stead paintings
Fr Elich responds to "Annunciation" criticism

I Reckon
I agree - what has it got to do with eternity?


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